Tree Grating

Tree grating serves an important function in landscape design and architecture. Tree grates protect the base and root system of the tree while providing easy watering and drainage. They also increase the useable space in walking areas and protect pedestrians by covering the tree wells. But perhaps just as important to the architect or designer is tree grating’s ability to enhance a project’s aesthetic appeal by adding a dash of style to the environment.

Tree Grates - Functionality Meets Style

Metal tree grates from Hendrick Architectural Products are durable, customizable panels that are typically made with recycled material and come in a variety of metals, bar designs, styles, finishes and dimensions. Usually made with long-lasting stainless steel or aluminum, our proprietary profile bar tree grating is manufactured to an architect’s custom design and requirements. Our unique bar design allows us to produce straight or curved systems with equal ease.


Kylde Warren Park, Dallas


Commerce Square, Philadelphia


Duke University


Mesa Transit Station Mesa, AZ


South Point Park Miami

Hendrick architectural metal tree grates are budget-friendly and ideal for parks & recreation, a wide variety of public projects, commercial open areas and urban streetscaping. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience fulfilling custom designs and installing this type of grating according to exact specifications. Hendrick also has several online tools that can be used for previewing the types of styles and dimensions we offer for grating and grilles.

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